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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He walked away and left her standing by the elevator, never somuch as inquiring her name.
2.  "Oh, very," she returned, also catching it, now that herattention was called.
3.  Thus the first hour of misgiving was swept away.
4.  "How much have you?" inquired Hurstwood.
5.  "Carrie doesn't seem to like her place very well," said Minnie toher husband when the latter came out, paper in hand, to sit inthe dining-room a few minutes.
6.  "I don't know. I don't suppose so." Then, lifting his handgraciously, "For the lodge."


1.  "I don't want you to talk to me," she answered forcibly.
2.  "No," she said coyly, "but what can I do?"
3.  "I know I saw your husband," he went on. "I wasn't so sure aboutyou. Perhaps it was your daughter."
4.  "He's delightful, delightful," he went on, giving the commonplacerendition of approval which such men know. He sent Drouet aftera programme, and then discoursed to Carrie concerning Jeffersonas he had heard of him. The former was pleased beyondexpression, and was really hypnotised by the environment, thetrappings of the box, the elegance of her companion. Severaltimes their eyes accidentally met, and then there poured intohers such a flood of feeling as she had never before experienced.She could not for the moment explain it, for in the next glanceor the next move of the hand there was seeming indifference,mingled only with the kindest attention.
5.  "Very well," said Carrie, who was so disturbed that she could notbring a proper attitude to bear in the matter. She was stillnervous to reach Drouet and see what could be the matter.Hurstwood contemplated her and felt this. He was not disturbedthat it should be so. He did not trouble because she was movedsympathetically in the matter. It was one of the qualities inher which pleased him exceedingly. He was only thinking how heshould explain. Even this was not the most serious thing in hismind, however. His own deed and present flight were the greatshadows which weighed upon him.
6.  Hurstwood walked the floor, mentally arranging the chief pointsof his situation. "She has that property in her name," he keptsaying to himself. "What a fool trick that was. Curse it! Whata fool move that was."


1.  They were married by a Baptist minister, the first divine theyfound convenient.
2.  Carrie hugged herself with delight. Oh, wasn't it just fine! Atlast! The first, the long-hoped for, the delightful notice! Andthey called her clever. She could hardly restrain herself fromlaughing loudly. Had Lola seen it?
3.  "That's right," said Shaughnessy.
4.  "Good-morning, sir," said the latter, thinking at first that hewas encountering one of his out-of-town customers.
5.   "Don't what?" he asked. "What do you mean?"
6.  At last three days came in which a storm prevailed, and he didnot go out at all. The snow began to fall late one afternoon.It was a regular flurry of large, soft, white flakes. In themorning it was still coming down with a high wind, and the papersannounced a blizzard. From out the front windows one could see adeep, soft bedding.


1.  After he had studied his paper a few moments longer, he felt thathe ought to modify matters in some way or other. Evidently hiswife was not going to patch up peace at a word. So he said:
2.  "I went to see some of the variety managers," she said,aimlessly. "You have to have an act. They don't want anybodythat hasn't."
3.  This was rather awkwardly put by Patton, but Carrie redeemed itwith a grace which was inspiring.
4、  "Sothern," said Vance, "in 'Lord Chumley.'"
5、  "Ray! Ray! Why do you not come back to her?" was the cry ofPearl.




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      "Same here," said the other. "If I had any job in Newark Iwouldn't be over here takin' chances like these."

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      He gazed at her dress, then at her hair, where a becoming hat wasset jauntily, then into her eyes, which she took all occasion toavert. Evidently he expected to restore their old friendship atonce and without modification.

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       "What makes you put so much butter on the steak?" he asked herone evening, standing around in the kitchen.

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    {  "Oh a million or more," said Hurstwood.

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      She thought she had to make some sort of showing in order toretain his interest.}

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      She used her feet less heavily, a thing that was brought about byher attempting to imitate the treasurer's daughter's gracefulcarriage. How much influence the presence of that young woman inthe same house had upon her it would be difficult to say. But,because of all these things, when Hurstwood called he had found ayoung woman who was much more than the Carrie to whom Drouet hadfirst spoken. The primary defects of dress and manner hadpassed. She was pretty, graceful, rich in the timidity born ofuncertainty, and with a something childlike in her large eyeswhich captured the fancy of this starched and conventional poseramong men. It was the ancient attraction of the fresh for thestale. If there was a touch of appreciation left in him for thebloom and unsophistication which is the charm of youth, itrekindled now. He looked into her pretty face and felt thesubtle waves of young life radiating therefrom. In that largeclear eye he could see nothing that his blase nature couldunderstand as guile. The little vanity, if he could haveperceived it there, would have touched him as a pleasant thing.

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      When a girl leaves her home at eighteen, she does one of twothings. Either she falls into saving hands and becomes better,or she rapidly assumes the cosmopolitan standard of virtue andbecomes worse. Of an intermediate balance, under thecircumstances, there is no possibility. The city has its cunningwiles, no less than the infinitely smaller and more humantempter. There are large forces which allure with all thesoulfulness of expression possible in the most cultured human.The gleam of a thousand lights is often as effective as thepersuasive light in a wooing and fascinating eye. Half theundoing of the unsophisticated and natural mind is accomplishedby forces wholly superhuman. A blare of sound, a roar of life, avast array of human hives, appeal to the astonished senses inequivocal terms. Without a counsellor at hand to whispercautious interpretations, what falsehoods may not these thingsbreathe into the unguarded ear! Unrecognised for what they are,their beauty, like music, too often relaxes, then weakens, thenperverts the simpler human perceptions.

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       Toward evening he looked so badly in the weak light that shesuggested he go to bed.

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    {  For the first time he was troubled. Here was a moralcomplication of which he could not possibly get the ends.Hurstwood would laugh at him for being a fickle boy. He wouldlaugh with Hurstwood. Carrie would never hear, his presentcompanion at table would never know, and yet he could not helpfeeling that he was getting the worst of it--there was some faintstigma attached, and he was not guilty. He broke up the dinnerby becoming dull, and saw his companion on her car. Then he wenthome.

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      Hurstwood reasoned, when he neared the last ten dollars, that hehad better keep a little pocket change and not become whollydependent for car-fare, shaves, and the like; so when this sumwas still in his hand he announced himself as penniless.